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Shan Maw Myae Co., Ltd has been manufacturing four kinds of products lines. These are agricultural input products, livestock breeding input products, health care product and foods stuffs. All of those are product by organic technology support by Japanese know how.






More Than 200 employees are working with 20 number of branch others and 25 number of stockiest (Sales Center) to build an effect and efficiency distribution network in the whole country.

Business activities of Shan Maw Maye Co., Ltd

Activities for Organic Farming Development of Shan Maw Myae

Shan Maw Myae CompanyFounded in – 2001
Managing Director – U Nyan Lin
Duties –

    1. (1) Organic Farming Products
    1. (2) Organic Livestock Products
    1. (3) The distribution of healthy foods
  1. (4) Implementation of organic farming group

The aims of Shan Maw Myae Organic group

● To reduce the chemical poison.
● To repair the poor soil and produce more crops.
● To produce healthy organic foods.
● To produce high quality – healthy foods.
● To have a chance for Myanmar agriculture in the international Organic market.
● Less cost and take more profit for the growers.
● To prevent the pollution of the natural environment.
● To protect the health of farmers and gardeners and upgrade their lives.

The implementation of the systematic Organic Farming

The system of Organic farming

  1. (1) Organic farming means grouting the crops without using chemical products and based on only
    natural fertilizers that get along with the environment.
  2. (2) According to standards, need to grow step by step, systematically.
  3. (3) Therefore, we regard as 4-years term to produce high – quality Organic Vegetables.

Annual Aims

First Year
To educate the organic group using Organic 80% + chemical 20%

Second Year
To transform, without chemical products, Organic farming have to use organic 100%.

Third Year
● To follow the standard of Organic farming.
● To use the natural qualified seeds for farming.

Forth Year
● To receive organic certificate, to be examined when producing the crops.
● According to the aims above, to hold meetings and educate the people to implement the organic farming.

Tasks of Project

1. To form the administrative committee and assign the duties.
2. To choose the regions for organic framings.
3. The basic causes of organic farming and effects.
• Agricultural
• Health
• To educate people about natural environment.
4. To provide Shan Maw Myae Organic fertilizers.
5. To supervise and record.
6. We have plan for the certificate of organic crops production and to come out a market.

The Committee of Project

Leading managers & Technicians

The basic facts of growing and producing The Organic crops

» Natural Plant Nutrition
» Natural Pest Management
» Biodiversity
» Diversification And Integration of Enterprises
» Sustainability
» Integrity

Natural Plant Nutrition

The rotation of crops.
Using the animal waste.
Making the peat and using it.
Using Organic and natural fertilizers

Chart Organic Farm Regions