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Ye-Yo (Noni)
● What is Ye-Yo (Noni)..?
● Scientifitically research
● The beneficial components of Noni and How does Noni help people
● *Xeronine
● Damnacanthal
● Scopoletin
● Noni Miraculous health benefits
● Active Ingredients
● To consume Noni
● The effects of taking Noni

Ye Yo is the Myanmar name of plant Morinde Citrifolia, also commonly named as Noni in Pacific Islands, Hawaii and Tahiti. Ye-Yo (Noni) likes tropical climate and that grows in rich fertile soil. Having such climate and soil conditions, Ye-Yo grows very well in Myanmar. Ye-Yo (Noni) is a type of prennial plant that grows to a height of up to 15 feet high. Leaves are dark green and oval shaped. The mature yellow fruit have a strong ador. Every part of Noni plant is useful but it is fruit with its numerous pharmaceutical actions that is the valuable.

In traditional Myanmar medicine Ye-Yo (Noni) has been used for many health conditions. People in Myanmar cooked unripe fruits in curries and ate the ripened fruit raw with salt and jeggery for menstrual cramps, asthma and fever. In the books of Myanmar Traditional Medicine Testament and Clinical Practices of Herbal Plants, it specifies how to apply Ye-Yo (Noni) for several health conditions. The seeds, leaves barks and roots were also eaten by Myanmar people versed in the healing properties of this odd plant. Noni has been studied in the United States at the Stan Food University, University of California at loss Angeles and the University of Hawaii; in England at the Union Collage of London and in France at the University of Meets. The more Scientifically research with Noni since 1997, Dr.Neil solomon MD,PhD has organized a study which has grown to include 75 health professionals and over 8000 patients. Seventy eight percent (78%) of those people had a positive response to the primary problems for which they took noni in this elected survey.

 The beneficial components of Noni and How does Noni help people
Scientifically research show that Noni is a natural combination of amazingly beneficial compounds to maintain health and to heal the body.

Dr. Ralph Heinicke a leading biochemist in the United States made a critical discovery while studying pineapple enzymes. An alkaloid he later named Xeronine was found to be essential to proper cell function in the body and sustained health. He found that Xeronine was produced in the large intestine from key building blocks, Proxeronine and Proxeninase. Proxeronine is the precursor to Xeronine and Proxeroninase is the enzyme catalyst that required for chemical reaction in the body. According to Dr Herikes research Xeronine may help to enlarge the pores in the walls of human cells and enable nutrients to enter the cell more easily.

An active component of Noni which have cancer fighting abilities The weakened inmmune system can be caused by exposure to toxic chemicals, and stress. Damnacanthal increased T cell activities to rebuild the damage inmmune system and actively fight the ravages of the cancer and chemotherapy.

A very critical component of Noni fruit that has anti inflammatory, anti-histamine, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, lowers blood pressure and binds to serotonin to help regulate sleep, hunger and sexual patterns.

Noni Miraculous Health Benefits
» Noni is invaluable as a healing herb because of the following functions.
» Lowers high blood pressure.
» Increase body energy.
» Act as anti-inflammatory and anti-histaminic agent.
» Alleviates pain.
» Has antibacterial properties that can protect against digestive and heart damage.
» Stimulates the production of T-cells in the immune system.
» Inhibits precancer function and the growth of cancer tumors.
» Works synergistically with other food supplements and medications.
» Helps animals heal faster.

Active Ingredients
» Carbohydrate
» Protein
» Copper
» Zinc
» Iron
» Magnesium
» Potassium
» Vit C, E, B1, B2, B5, B6, B12

To consume Noni
Noni is usually taken as juice or in capsule form. Pure Noni juice will have a very strong flavor, bitter and sour, but it can be consumed with other fruit juices. However, it is not recommended to be taken with coffee, tobacco and alcohol. When consuming noni, timing is critical, preferably on an empty stomach before breakfast. It can also be taken ½ hr before breakfast and dinner. Patients must drink noni juice for a 7 months period. During the first month, loading dose for noni juice is 4 oz/day and for capsule is 1000mg/day. Within second month to fifth month therapeutic dose for juice is 3 oz/day and for capsule is 750mg/day. For the beginning of seventh month, the maintenance dose of noni juice is 2 oz/day and for capsule is 500mg/day. And there after take the maintenance dose of noni.

The Effects of Taking Noni
Reported side effects in survey were very minimal. Less than 3 percent experienced minor bleaching, loose stools and allergy. The bleaching disappeared when the dose was decreased. The rash and loose stools cleared within 72 hours after stopping treatment. Drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water a day will help as well.

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