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Mango is the main fruit of Asia and this fruit has developed its own importance all over the world. A useful and delicious fruit, it was the past of culture and religion since long time. Besides its fine taste and good qualities, it is called as the king of fruits. Mango is a seasonal tropical fruit. The mango tree is hardy evergreen tree and large in size. Mango thrives in wide range of climate, altitude and soil.

In Myanmar, among hundreds of varieties - Sein Ta Lone, Mya Kyauk, Shwe Hin Thar, Yin Kwe, Thone Lone Ta Taung, Aung Din, Ma Chit Su are popular. Mostly ripe mango has been eaten as dessert but sometimes eat as salad or snack at the green unripe state. Since the mango has good nutrient value it has wide variety of preserved items. Major mango regions in Myanmar are Myin Mu, Mattaya, Kyauk-se townships in Mandalay division and Shwe Nyaung Township in Southern Shan State.

Sein Ta Lone

Sein Ta Lone is the famous and popular mango among hundreds of varieties in Myanmar. Sein Ta Lone means one diamond. May be this mango is precious as a diamond for the mango lovers because of its magnificent flavor, aroma and colour. Sein Ta Lone also has distinct fiber-less pulp with appetizing yellowish colour. It has lovely appearance with pointed part like a chin.

Yin Kwe

One of the popular mangoes which can be grown all over the country. Medium in size with yellow skin, orange coloured less fibre pulp. Seed and pulp ratio is good. The tree is large in size and bears abundantly.

Note - any variety of mangoes can be ordered to SMM trading Co.,

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