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Animal Food Supplement

Organic Herbal-Medicinal Supertonic Solutions for Livestock’s

Trade Name: CHIKUSAN
I.   CHIKUSAN: Supertonic solution for cattle Sheep & Goats.
II.  CHIKUSAN: Supertonic solution for Swine.
III. CHIKUSAN: Supertonic solution for poultry.

1.  Organic Matters from Plant Extracts.
2.  Fundamental Organic Compounds. Acetic acid, Prop ionic acid, Phenol, Guiaeol - Hormones
3.  Saturated solution of nutritious Energy – diets.

Properties & Qualities of Supertonic – Solutions
● Contains solutions that enhance growth of micro-organism
● Promotes growth of helpful and effective micro-organism and reduces the non-effectivmicro-organism by feeding this brew to animals
● Prolonged feeding of this brew promotes production of antibodies in the animal and boosts body resistance
● This brew not only provides body resistance it also protects the animal from many kinds of ailments.
● If Biosecurity - system is also followed while using this brew, the animals can be safe from contagious diseases and infection.
● promotes digestion
● Ready food from the intestine is easily absorbed by the intestinal layers
● Increase in food intake
● Protects from acidity in the stomach and intestine.
● Reduces and eradicates the bad smell of urine and faces.
● Protects from fungus formation and acidity due to fungus in the digestive tract
● Increases production of meat and egg.
● Low food Conversion Rate (F.C.R) increase rate of change to the flesh.
● Less cholesterol formation in the blood and get healthy food (or) meat production.
● Healthy and hygienic meat is produced because the brew reduces formation of cholesterol in the blood.
● Quality milk can be produced at the cow farms. And there is also a slight reduction in feeding cost of eoncentrate.
● In Broiler Breeding if the dosage doubled 2 weeks before slaughter there will be extra weight gain within the period due to the organic compounds contained in the brew.
● In Broiler Breeding, using chikusan supertonic solution (Twice or thrice) times daily than normal dose in drinking water or feedstuff the growth of all birds will be uniform and can be disposed as a whole lot at the same time. It means all in& All out system is the best choice for these entrepreneurs.
● Promotes fertility and rate of reproduction.
● At poultry farms for eggs production the size of eggs increases to marketable size very fast.
● In accordance with organic values more jelly is formed and the colour of the yoke is improved.
● Because of stress condition it maintains depression of resistant power.

The benefits of feeding CHIKUSAN
● The effects or improvement depends upon the species, genes and family type of the plant or animal.
● As no chemical compounds are contained there is no adverse effect.
● As the meat, fruit or leaves contain no chemical residue no harm is done to the consumer.
● There is no problem of any over dosages.
● Can be guaranteed that there can be side-effects or biological disorders or threat to life for the consumers.
● Can keep the brew for long. There is no expiry date given, like as in chemical compounds because these organic brew's quality never expires.
● Never keep the brew in direct sunlight either in storage or while using.

Chikusan Brews and environment cleanliness
● Normally keeping the organic manure for long makes it turn into “natural fertilizer"; but during that period a bad smell can cause hindrance to the surrounding.
● If the organic manure is properly mixed with chikusan and kept to become organic fertilizer, there will be no dirty smell. The bad smell can never exit and hence the problem of fly’s and other insects is considerably reduced.
● Urine and stool are also very good resources which can be turned into organic or bio-fertilizers. By using chikusan on them, they can be used for agriculture within a very short period.
● It has been widely proved that manure turned into fertilizer from farms where chikusan has been used is many times more effective than the farms where chikusan has not been used.

Chikusan Supertonic Solution
Can be used for:
● Buffaloes, cows, sheep, goats, pigs , chickens and ducks
● Can be used for under mentioned diseases and ailments:

(a) Sores and wounds
» Can apply directly to the cut.
» Can apply directly to the sore or bruise
» Can be used for old wounds and septic-wounds caused due to bacteria
» Can be used for foot and mouth diseases.
» Can be used to care burns
» Can be used for diseases related to fungus infection.
» Can be used as a care for ectoparasite.

(b) Can be used to care all type of diarrhoea and stomach disorders.
(c) Can feed a Preventive dosage to protect animals from contagious diseases.
(d) Can give a Therapeutic Dose to safe-guard animals from many contagious diseases.

Feeding as a medicine
● Can be mixed with food and fed.
● Can be diluted in drinking water.
Both ways are equally okay.

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