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Shan Maw MyaeMr. Nyan Lin, the Managing Director of Shan Maw Myae Co., Ltd. is a native of Taunggyi, Southern Shan State. He initially attended at Yangon Technology University for 2 years in 1988. But he stopped proceeding to finish school and then left to Japan to learn Japan Language & Literature, Software Engineering and Business Management. After that, he worked a number of years there.

In 1990, he returned to Myanmar and started give services according his learning and experiences in 2001. He established Shan Maw Myae Co., Ltd., a specialized agro-business in 2007.

Shan Maw Myae’s mission is to support Myanmar’s food safety by transferring HYB (High Yield by Bio Technology) program to farm-land so as to achieve soil improvement, environmental conservation of high yield, productivity and good agriculture practices to sustain the agro based industry. And another mission is to develop Green Family Program by collaborating native farmers of each Myanmar villages, all interested parties and our technical experts.

Shan Maw Myae will transform farmers’ top objective in agriculture practice so as to overcome their difficulties and risks in cultivation by providing food agriculture practices with technical experts. So that farmers’ incomes, productivity and agro based industry will be grow up highly. By this way, the nationwide agriculture objective will be achieved.

Shan Maw Myae Co., Ltd., a market-oriented social business utilizing working towards the benefit of the environment and people. We believe in profits with principles.

Shan Maw Myae Co., Ltd is an authorized company under ……… dated on …….. . It is locally owned company under the Managing Director – Mr. Nyan Lin.

Our Businesses are:-

  1. Manufacturing and distributing
    • Agricultural input products
    • Livestock breeding input products
    • Health care & food products
  2. Trading
  3. Organization and developing of organic farms

For instance, by promoting and practicing organic agriculture, we managed to decrease operation costs while increasing revenue and profit, benefiting both the environment and economics of the enterprise.

In addition to championing organic agriculture, we supply and export quality organic fertilizers, farm products and manufacture natural medicine with herbal ingredients.

We are an ambitious socially oriented company and would like to experts and organizations (both non-profit and profit) to get involved in our work. We always welcome ideas and invitation for collaboration from all interested parties. We have confident that Myanmar to become a completely Organic Nation throughout our market oriented principles and our commitments.

Mission & Vision

We sopport Myanmar’s food Safety by …..

Working Areas

  • Ayarwady Region

  • Mandalay Region

  • Sagaing Region

  • Magwe Region

  • Yangon Region

  • Bago Region

  • Shan State

  • Mon State

  • Kayin State

  • Rakhaing State

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